Children with asthma suffer from more than constricted airways. Indeed, the real problem with asthma isn’t a mere inability to breathe: it’s the taunting, berating, mockery, and abuse that so often accompanies this infirmity. Asthmatic kids are mocked, roughed up, chosen last for team sports, deprived of medication, and otherwise forced to bear more than their fair share of childhood’s intrinsic difficulties.

Today, thanks to Cloud Peak Energy, there is finally something parents can do to help asthmatic children show others who’s cool at school.

With Puff-Puff™ designer inhalers, easing a taunted child’s burden of suffering has never been easier — or more economical!

My First Inhaler

Baby’s first breath
Suggested ages: 0-3

Dora the Explorer

The world is your oyster
Suggested ages: 0-3


This is the song, la la la la!
Suggested ages: 3-8

My Little Pony

Isn’t the world a lovely place?
Suggested ages: 3-8


Breathe deep with the Dark Knight
Suggested ages: 3-8

Miley Cyrus

Can’t be tamed
Suggested ages: 9-13


Perfect for tweens
Suggested ages: 9-13

Harry Potter

Accio breath-o!
Suggested ages: 9-13


It’s a teenage riot
Suggested ages: 9-13


Diamonds are an asthmatic’s best friend. Suggested ages: 8-80